Known as Director of Photography, a Cinematographer is a pro at harnessing both artistic and technical capabilities and at Rotomaker International Film & Television Institute, we train them to be an amalgam of both. We train our students to masterfully translate the director’s vision into moving visuals. From handling cameras to lighting, from setting Camera Angles to picking the right lighting, we have covered it all. Through structured workshops, classroom-based sessions and projects, our students pick up expertise in their craft. We develop creative expressions along with Technical inputs.

Diploma in Cinematography is one of our most prominent courses. At RIFTI we focus on imparting to students with language/grammar of Cinematography and we follow up with a huge number of practicals,

We cover a wide range of Cinematography equipment-sony cameras, Blackmagic cameras, canon cameras, cinema lights, track and trolley system, follow focus system, DJI Mavic 3 drone, Handheld camera system, Gimbal system, production monitor, Heavy duty slider etc.,

Having all these film equipment enables students the power to bring forth the Vision they conjured in the minds, being the Best Cinematography Course in Hyderabad requires a more practical oriented approach towards Filmmaking.

Our Cinematography course syllabus covers:

  • Digital cinematography
  • Electronic cinematography
  • Framing and composition
  • Professional gadgets
  • Focus and exposure control
  • Exploring varied shooting styles
  • Handheld techniques
  • Indoor studio lighting
  • Outdoor exposure control
  • Documentary techniques
  • Serial making techniques
  • Music video making techniques
  • Advertising making techniques