Video Editing is a skill which takes a movie from good to great. We understand the understated potential of editing and hence we have specially curated a program which is a synchronous balance of technical knowledge and developing creative edge. Students are taught the skills required to do great editing learning all about the latest trends, innovations and practices in the field. We provide theoretical knowledge with hands-on training with professional techniques, developing a flair for contributing to the film with the craft of editing. Video Editing course fees are made affordable as we are on a mission to train, apprentice and give job placement for students.

Our Video Editing Course covers:

  • Video editing grammar.
  • Offline editing with multi camera
  • setup
  • Audio visuals effects
  • Chroma key
  • Editing skills for song, dialogue,
  • action, horror, comedy, suspense and thrill
  • Editing Tv serials, feature films,
  • music videos, Ad films, Talk
  • shows, reality shows, news
  • stories, documentaries,
  • montages and promos
  • Film analysis and appreciation
  • Learning industry practices with
  • studio visits
  • Regular shows including films
  • with applaudable editing
  • Trailer editing
  • Drama editing
  • Music editing