Our Photography department being distinctive, harbors the best talent for the best Photography Institute, priding itself with the uniqueness of approaching the subject. We refrain from limiting our students within the confinements of set rules of the craft. Age-old principles and rules curtail creativity and hence we train our students to go beyond these tried paths and explore newer horizons in their creative venture. We inspire our students to break free from the shackles of mundane styles and to develop their own styles.

We cover all Professional Photography Courses ranging from Fashion, Wildlife, Candid and Product Photography and many more, with each we strive to inculcate creative liberty to encompass meaningful visuals which are concept based and come with a personal touch. We train across genres to ensure both concrete social relevance of the present scenario and offbeat tangent which express a symbolic representation of an individual. We give diverse exposure transforming amateurs into neo age Professional Photographers.

To be a Professional Photography School requires state of the art Infrastructure and professional Photography equipment, We have a spacious photography studio, hand painted backdrops canvas and top of the line Camera system to capture the beauty and the essence. At RIFTI we approach Training Students through Practicals. Photography Students are Trained by Contemporary Technicians from the Industry.