Diploma in DUBBING

Your foray into the world of films as a dubbing artist, complemented with professional training can pave the way for your career, RIFTI gives that professional touch. Our team of trained professionals ensure that the training is a smooth process where you learn the nuances of dubbing under a professional eye. We scrutinize your potential and work towards making it your advantage.

In Dubbing students learn voice over classes theoretically and a practical voice over training course happens for a major chunk of their syllabus, on a daily basis.

Our Dubbing course covers:

  • Command over language
  • Clear pronunciations
  • Voice clarity
  • Modulating voice according to the character
  • Dialogue delivery
  • Lip syncing
  • Tone and pauses
  • Synchronising voice with bodylanguage and gestures of the character
  • Dubbing classes for feature films, web series, short films
  • Dubbing classes for documentary, cartoons, audio books
  • Voiceover classes for presentation and illustrations
  • Voiceover classes for radio