Script Writing


Script your way to success with our warily created program for script writing. A script forms the backbone of a film and a well written script is half battle won when it comes to filmmaking. We train our students to attain the right skill set and understanding of various facets of script writing, exposing them to various exercises, thinking techniques so that they come up with original, out-of-the-box screenplays. Our scriptwriting course fees are very much affordable, aiming at empowering writers.analyzing, deconstructing decoding ideas, memes and metaphors, understanding styles of a writer not only makes it the best Scriptwritng course in Hyderabad, but also makes it the best scriptwriting course in India.

Our Script Writing Course covers:

  • Evolution of Indian Screenplay
  • Understanding the Premise
  • Developing themes
  • Writing well-rounded characters
  • Dialogue writing
  • Designing a scene
  • Writing engrossing opening
  • scenes
  • Writing effective climax
  • Structuring the story
  • Pitching
  • Intellectual property rights
  • The art of adaptation
  • Collaborating with fellow writers,
  • producers, directors
  • Writing reality shows
  • Formatting a screenplay
  • Writing fiction for TV
  • Writing for OTT platforms