A director is a storyteller through the lens. We understand the nuances of the craft and hence our team of professionals foster you to have an in-depth knowledge of screenwriting, cinematography, acting, sound recording and other design aspects of filmmaking so that the director in you can tell his/her visual tale like a maestro. RIFTI systematically takes the amateurs through the expansive knowledge area for becoming a master director. We teach students to balance between technical knowledge and aesthetics. Our curriculum makes it the best direction course in Hyderabad. our affordable direction course fees and design language i.e., visual grammar makes it one of the best direction courses in india.

Our Film Direction Course covers:

  • Art of captivating story telling with proper technical back up.
  • Technical training
  • Professional level Filmmaking equipment
  • Experienced faculty
  • Imagination and visualization
  • Safety procedures during shooting
  • Composition
  • Sound Design
  • One to one interaction with masters of the craft
  • Art of shot division
  • Synchronous teamwork
  • Studio Tours