Colour Grading


Tailored to include every prerequisite and skill to become a pro at color grading, RIFTI guides the students from the beginner’s level to advanced training. This enables them to produce visuals that become a part of the story presented on screen. To be the best COlor Grading course in India in this competitive Colorist society, one has to constantly articulate themselves to the updates of the industry. The students' learning curve is complemented with trained professionals and cutting-edge, making them adapt to the work in a professional color grading suite.

DI Colorist is a largely in- demand position in the ultramodern day movie industry. With nearly all the motion pictures witnessing this creative color correction process, students get to learn all about the colors, color theory and tools that are used in the color correction process. Color grading students at RIFTI will be working in the same tools that they will be working in the real world post-production job, which makes them job ready when they complete the course.our DI course is one of the best Color Grading course in India for training students as we have a professional color grading suite, studio environment and a Davinci Resolve Micro Panel to train the students.

Our Color Grading Course covers:

  • Basic color theory
  • Analyzing footage
  • Troubleshoot problematic areas
  • Bringing footage into resolve
  • Edit, color and export files retaining maximum quality of files
  • Creating a constant grade
  • throughout
  • Guided and comprehensive training on DaVinci Resolve software
  • Conforming Basics
  • Primary color correction
  • Secondary color correction
  • Color Management
  • Color grading trailers
  • Color grading for movies
  • Optical effects
  • LUT fundamentals
  • Project work